Welcome Center and Mail Policies

Campus Mailbox and Package/box information:

Campus mailboxes are now optional, and any Centenary student (or any student living on Centenary campus) can choose to sign up for a mailbox. Students interested in a campus mailbox should go to the Welcome Center, located in the Seay building on the first floor. A signed contract is required for the use of an on-campus mailbox. Through the contract, the student agrees to comply with the rules and guidelines listed here. The student will be given a key to a specific Campus mailbox that only that student may use. Only letter mail without tracking will be placed into a mailbox. All mail must have the student’s first and last name, as shown on their student ID, to be put into the mailbox.

Any current student may have packages and boxes shipped directly to campus, with or without a mailbox assignment. The student will be notified by email for packages, boxes, and any item with tracking (including but not limited to Certified mail). All packages and boxes will be required to have the student’s first and last name, as shown on the student ID card; this is necessary for the email notification.

Campus Mailbox Information:

  • Each Fall semester, students may sign up for a Campus mailbox at the Welcome Center. If possible, the student will be assigned to the same mailbox as the previous year.
    • Resident students’ mailbox deposit is included with the housing deposit.
    • Commuter students will be required to make a $10 cash deposit for a mailbox.
  • Campus mailbox keys must be returned to the Welcome Center at the end of each Spring semester before May commencement, or if you leave Centenary (including LOA).
    • Resident students who do not return their Campus mailbox key at the end of the Spring semester will have the $10 lost key fee taken from their housing deposit.
    • Commuter students who fail to return their key will forfeit the $10 key deposit.
  • If the student loses their campus mailbox key during the academic year, they will be required to pay a lost key fee.
  • Campus mailboxes are located in the Sunken Lounge, on the Lower Level of the Seay building, and are accessible whenever the Seay building is open. You may also contact Security to access the campus mailboxes if the Seay building is locked.
  • Students are required to have their key to check the mailbox and are expected to check their Campus mailbox regularly. The Welcome Center staff is not able to check student mailboxes.

Address Advice:

  • Please use the following address format for sending any mail to Centenary:
    • Name: Student’s First and Last Name
    • Address Line 1: 400 Jefferson St.
    • Address Line 2: Campus box# ________*
    • City, State, Zip: Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  • The student’s name as it is shown on their Centenary University ID is required; no nicknames, middle names are not necessary.
  • *“Campus Box #” is not required for any packages or items with tracking (i.e. Certified mail), regardless of whether or not the student has a mailbox assignment.
    • Please do not write “P.O. box” as this applies to boxes within the US Post Office, not mailboxes at Centenary, and the mail may be misdirected.
  • Avoid using dorm information on incoming mail or other items. It is not necessary for sending items to the University and may interfere with the arrival of the shipment.

Package/Box Tips:

  • When a student receives a package or box, the Welcome Center (using the Mailroom email) will send an email to their Centenary University email, so students should check their email for the package notification.
    • The notification email is sent after all packages/boxes have arrived and been processed. The processing can take some time because there are many packages and boxes arriving, especially at the beginning of the semester.
    • Packages and boxes cannot be picked up before the notification email is sent.
  • All current COVID requirements will be obeyed.
  • A current Centenary student ID is required to pick up a package/box, and you will be expected to sign for your item(s). Students should keep track of how many email notifications they receive and the date received; this information will assist the staff in retrieving packages or boxes quickly.
  • No one else may pick up any student’s package/box without prior, emailed consent from the student naming the person who will pick up the item. The permitted person will also be asked to show a photo ID (student or state).
  • As the Welcome Center is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, weekend packages/boxes and mail will be delivered and/or processed on Monday. The same applies to holiday and unexpected (i.e. snow day) closures: package/boxes will be processed the next business day.

Sending mail/packages:

  • Students can visit the Welcome Center to send letters or small packages (up to 1 pound). We can only accept cash. We are unable to send packages internationally. The Hackettstown Post Office is located a few blocks from campus and can assist with larger packages/boxes, international packages, and any purchase that you need to make using a credit or debit card.

Amazon HUB Locker Eddy

  • The Amazon locker is located in the lower level of Seay building, 400 Jefferson Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840, between Starbucks and the Sunken Lounge. Add Amazon HUB Locker – Eddy to your account, then select the locker as the shipping address during checkout. The option for and availability of the locker is maintained by Amazon. The lockers will be accessible for picking up packages from 6am until 11pm, Monday through Friday, and 8am until 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays; security can be reached for after-hours access. Please contact Amazon for assistance.

Contact the Welcome Center for any questions at (908) 852-1400 ext. 2316 or Welcome-Center@centenaryuniversity.edu. Email notifications are sent from mailroom@centenaryuniversity.edu, so please contact that email for questions regarding a package/box notification.

The Welcome Center is located in Seay 101, next to the President’s Office, near the Jefferson Street front doors of Seay. Welcome Center Hours during the semester: Monday through Thursday, 8:30am-6pm, and Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Hours may vary during outside of the academic semesters. We are closed on university holidays and whenever all offices are closed (i.e. snow day/delay).

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