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More than half of the traditional student body lives in residence halls. An important part of our educational philosophy is that each student should have an opportunity for group living experience. The residence life program as an extension of a student’s total educational experience.

Director of Residence Life & Community Standards

The director manages the overall operations of the department, including the supervision of professional staff, eight Residence Halls, and the student staff associated with the program. The director facilitates all housing assignments, housing selection, and communication to the residents. The director is ultimately responsible for the overall leadership of the residence life department.

Assistant Director of Residence Life

The Assistant Director of Residence Life directly manages many of the housing operations on campus, including overseeing all room changes, housing assignments for new students, and the housing selection process for returning students that occurs in the spring semester. The Assistant Director also serves as a hearing officer for higher level judicial cases and student concerns.

Graduate Residence Director (GRD)

A professional staff member who assists in managing the halls. The GRD is responsible for a student staff of Resident Assistants (RA). These student staff members have assigned areas of responsibility within that building and serve as the most immediate liaison between students and the Residence Life Office.

Lead Resident Assistant (LRA)

The Lead Resident Assistant is a student staff member who assists the Resident Assistants across campus. The LRA also conducts campus wide programming for all residents on campus. Selection is based upon the student’s maturity, their past experience as an RA, interest in being a leader among the RA peers, and interest in building community conducive to student growth. They function to promote the well being of our entire on-campus community.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Each residence hall or floor is assigned a Resident Assistant. Selection is based on the student’s maturity, experience, and interest in building a community conducive to student growth. They function to promote the well being of our entire on-campus community.

All members of the Resident Assistant Staff complete training programs designed to prepare them to work with students’ personal and interpersonal concerns, group/community development, residence life, campus resources, policies, procedures and regulations.

We highly recommended that each student gets to know the staff in their residence hall. They are there to serve the residents and respond to their needs.

Meet the Staff

Matthew Lavery
Director of Residence Life & Community Standards
Ext. 2402

Paul Jones
Graduate Resident Director
Ext. 3950

Heather Yaros
Graduate Residence Director
Ext. 3950

Geoffrey Quist
Graduate Residence Director
Ext. 3950

Hayley Holzhacker
Graduate Residence Director
Ext. 3950