Learning Today . . . Leading Tomorrow.

Centenary University is New Jersey’s best choice for students who wish to succeed in tomorrow's most in-demand careers – thanks to constantly evolving majors that are in step with emerging trends.

Our challenging academics are complemented by a faculty that provides students the support they need to succeed , robust extracurricular experiences, and a diverse student body. From undergraduate studies to graduate and professional development, Centenary University is The Future U.

  The Future Leaders

  • Heriberto Medina Jr's Future
    Heriberto Medina Jr's Future


    Future Financial Analyst

    Heriberto will enter the world of finance as a trusted advisor who helps ensure a company’s future success.

    Finance Programs
  • Immani Bermingham's Future
    Immani Bermingham's Future


    Future Fashion Buyer

    Our fashion program is preparing Immani for an exciting career that combines creativity, business and a flair for style.

    Fashion Programs
  • Justin Dalcourt's Future
    Justin Dalcourt's Future


    Future CEO

    Justin already owns a business – a dessert bar that specializes in puddings, cakes and pastries named Dalcourt’s Desserts in Hackettstown.

    Business Programs
  • Andrea Tegtmeier's Future
    Andrea Tegtmeier's Future


    Future Criminal Investigator

    Andrea sees herself working as a detective in the Special Victims Unit and eventually as an FBI Agent.


    Criminal Justice Programs
  • Aarenee Greene's Future
    Aarenee Greene's Future


    Future Medical Examiner

    A Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Centenary is preparing Aarenne for a career in hospital research.

    Medical Programs
  • Luis Bonilla's Future
    Luis Bonilla's Future


    Future FBI Agent

    Centenary’s BA in Criminal Justice is preparing Luis for a rewarding career in law enforcement, the courts or corrections

    Criminal Justice Programs
  • Maureen Agnew's Future
    Maureen Agnew's Future


    Future Veterinarian

    Maureen will go onto veterinary school and get her doctor in Veterinary Medicine to become a mixed practice veterinarian.


    Pre-veterinary Programs
  • Christopher Wallace's Future
    Christopher Wallace's Future


    Future Studio Producer

    Christopher sees himself in media broadcasting developing pieces for radio and/or TV shows using habits he learned in the classroom.

    Communications Programs