By investing in yourself, you are investing in your future.

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Many families assume a private, personalized education is simply out of reach for them financially. That is not the case at Centenary, our Financial Aid Office is available to help explain the financial aid process.

New for 2024-2025: What’s Changing with FAFSA?

Getting Started

  1. Get general information about the financial aid process on our Getting Started page.
  2. For more detailed information, check out our Financial Aid Guide.

Apply for Aid

Financial aid is available for almost everyone - you just need to apply.

  1. You need to be admitted to Centenary to be considered for financial aid. Haven’t applied yet? Click here.
  2. You should complete your FAFSA as early as possible - once the 2024-25 academic year is released by the Federal government (sometime in December 2023)
Learn more by selecting your student type from the Apply for Aid link to the right.

Types of Aid

There is more to financial aid than you think. Learn about “free money” like grants and scholarships as well as work study and loans on our Types of Aid page. Learn about:

Using Your Financial Aid

Our Using Your Financial Aid page can provide you with information about how to use your financial aid to pay your bill, get your books and pay for living expenses.

Forms, Policies, and Important Dates

Need a form? Want to review a full policy for something? So many dates – how can you keep it all straight? This is the page for you!

Calculators and Resources

Calculators and Resources are available to help you manage your educational expenses as a future investment. Calculate your expected loan repayment when you graduate. Find detailed information about outside scholarship resources.

Net Price Calculator

The Centenary University Net Price Calculator is part of a carefully designed program that can help guide a prospective student through estimating their financial aid options.

Financial Aid Brochure

Centenary University is committed to working with you and your family to make a Centenary education affordable for you. Our Financial Aid office has created this brochure to help you understand the FAFSA, loan options, grants, and scholarships. We work closely with students to provide the financial resources needed to invest in your future.

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