Upper Indoor Arena
• 196’ x 86’
• New footing: EGC (European
Geotextile) mixed with coated
Silica Sand
• Organic dustless footing
• Directly connected to barn isles
• Ventilated
• Elevated viewing
• Heated lounge viewing
• Handicap accessible with ramp
• Wireless internet access
Outdoor Arena
• 240’ x 125’
• All weather footing
• Lighted arena
• Stadium seating
• Enclosed judge’s booth
• Wireless internet access
USET Building
• 220’ x 100’ indoor arena with TraveLite footing
• Heating system
• Elevated judge’s booth
• Stadium seating
• Heated viewing from classrooms and lounge
• Attached classrooms/offices
• Multiple viewing areas
• Food services
• Handicapped accessible with ramp
• Public address system
• Wireless internet access
Derby Field
• Natural grass terrain
• Heights 2’ and up
• Natural cross country fences
• Bank & Grob
• Adjacent to pond with fountain
• Wireless internet access


Main Barn- Heated

Student Lounge:
Wireless internet access
Facility management offices
Heated seating area
View to the outdoor and indoor arena
Information boards:

  •  Team postings
  •  Job opportunities
  •  Internship opportunities
  • Class postings
  •  Horse lists and riding Levels

North Aisle: Heated
30 oversized stalls (student boarder horses live here)
2 grooming areas in the breezeway
Multiple sets of cross ties in aisle as well as a tie in every stall
Wash stall with hot water
Tack room (includes: North aisle horse’s bridles, washer, dryer, girths, towels and coolers)
Boarder tack room (for boarders to keep tack trunks and equipment)
IHSA Team Room

South Aisle: Heated
30 stalls
2 grooming areas in the breezeway
Multiple sets of cross ties in aisle as well as a tie in every stall
Wash stall with hot water
Tack room (includes: South Aisle horse’s bridles, washer, dryer, girths, towels, school saddles, and coolers)
Tack room (therapeutic riding equipment, bridles of horses living outside, dressage saddles and girths)
Supply room (training equipment, extra grooming products, and horse care supplies)
Feed room (grain and supplements)
Wrap room (pillow wraps and bandages for all the school horses, extra blankets, tools)
Veterinary pharmacy (veterinary supplies and medicine)

Pabst Barn

15 stalls total, 7 are oversized for large horses (this includes a critical care stall for intensive medical conditions requiring around the clock monitoring and treatment)
Private locked tack room for staff members
Multiple cross ties and a tie in every stall
Outdoor wash stall adjacent to barn

Side Barn

12 oversized stalls with rubber mats
Tack room (includes side barn horse’s bridles, girths, and coolers)
A tie in every stall

Locker Shed

Lockers for the students to store their belongings
Saddle racks for students that wish to keep their saddles on the premises


There is turnout every day, weather permitting.  Some horses turnout in groups and some alone; this is determined based on the horses’ individual needs.  Night turnout exists with weather permitting.

Turnout Paddocks/Fields are as follows:
2 large grass fields with shelter and water troughs
4 large paddocks with water troughs
5 individual turnout areas, including a round pen
Medical Paddock

On average, up to 30 school  horses live outside in specified groups in our 24/7 turnout fields.  All eight of these fields have heated water troughs as well as shelters containing free choice salt blocks at all times.

The facility is secured by fences and two electronically secured gates. All horses are monitored by faculty/staff around the clock, 365 days a year. The facility is routinely inspected for safety.