Improvements in student learning are at the core of all assessment efforts. We also receive guidance and constructive feedback from peers at our regional accrediting body, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

In particular, excerpts from the MSCHE Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation (13th Ed.) are presented below.

Assessment at Centenary University is

1.) An ongoing process consistent with externally validated standards

“Accredited institutions are expected to demonstrate compliance with these standards and requirements, to conduct their activities in a manner consistent with the standards and requirements, and to engage in ongoing processes of self-review and improvement” (p. 1, MSCHE Requirements of Affiliation)

2.) A continuous process that is validated periodically

“To be eligible for, to achieve, and to maintain Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation, an institution must demonstrate that it fully meets the following Requirements of Affiliation. Compliance is expected to be continuous and will be validated periodically, typically at the time of institutional self-study and during any other evaluation of the institution’s compliance. Once eligibility is established, an institution then must demonstrate on an ongoing basis that it meets the Standards for Accreditation” (p.2, MSCHE Requirements of Affiliation).

3.) Publicly disclosed

“The institution systematically evaluates its educational and other programs and makes public how well and in what ways it is accomplishing its purposes. The institution’s student learning programs and opportunities are characterized by rigor, coherence, and appropriate assessment of student achievement throughout the educational offerings, regardless of certificate or degree level or delivery and instructional modality” (p.3, MSCHE Requirements of Affiliation).

4.) Integrated with institutional planning processes

“Institutional planning integrates goals for academic and institutional effectiveness and improvement, student achievement of educational goals, student learning, and the results of academic and institutional assessments” (p.3, MSCHE Requirements of Affiliation).

Centenary’s Assessment Standards

Centenary’s local standards for assessment are outlined in the Institutional Expectations document.