The mission of the Centenary University Honors Program is to inspire, motivate, and encourage academic excellence for students who demonstrate a high level of initiative, creativity, leadership, ingenuity and empathy. This program takes a holistic view of what is necessary for student success and creates opportunities via enhanced learning activities to position students for success as lifelong learners and leaders.

Requirements for Membership:

Centenary University conducts a rigorous selection process for the Honors Program. Students must submit an application, letters of recommendation, and complete a personal interview with the advisor.

The program accepts students with:

  1. GPA of 3.5 or above
  2. Community Service
  3. Leadership Skills


  1. Must maintain a 3.4 GPA
  2. Complete 26 credits within the honors curriculum
    • General Education Core: 12 credits
    • Honors Seminar Course: 6 credits
    • Upper Division Contract: 8 Credits
  3. Must complete Internship, Shadowing, or Study Away for 75 hours or more
  4. 80 hours of community service
  5. Major Related Capstone Project: A project, inquiry, or investigation, related to a student’s major, that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. This project is completed in collaboration with a faculty mentor-advisor.

Benefits of the Program 

  1. Personalized education experience
  2. An opportunity to work closely with a research/capstone mentor
  3. Priority registration
  4. Opportunities to be in involved in Tutoring, Campus Leadership, University Ambassador Program, and Honors Committee
  5. Grant opportunities
  6. The social side of the program
  7. Honors related academic advising
  8. Social events put on by the program for all students to come together
  9. A close group of friends and classmates
  10. Can make students of the program more desirable when applying to jobs, graduate programs, law school, or medical/veterinary school

Features of the Program:

Discovery Learning Development of Independent Thought
Community Building Fostering Intellectual Risk Taking
Transformative Development of Ethical Framework
Flexibility in Learning Fostering Scholarly Inquiry
Global Perspective Interdisciplinary


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