Centenary University has partnered with the National Association of Sales Professionals to offer you training to become a Certified Professional Sales Person or Certified Professional Sales Leader

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Centenary NASP

Online Sales Training Program & Certification – CPSP®

Looking to increase sales? Want to make a lasting change?
Do something about it!

Let’s face it, getting where you want to be in relationships, whether in business or personal life, requires communication skills to win others to your point of view. Even in job interviews, often the position isn’t awarded to the best candidate, but to the person who makes the most convincing presentation. The art of selling and influencing others is a critical skill that transcends industries. Transform your approach with the Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP®) program. This six-week online certification isn’t just a course; it’s a game-changer designed for sales professionals, executives, CEOs, and ambitious individuals hungry for a competitive edge.

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Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP®)

My experience in the CPSP has been incredible! Whether you are new to sales or are a seasoned sales professional this is a must-take program for so many reasons with the top one being that this isn’t your typical “tell you what to do in 10 easy steps” type program. It builds confidence, focus, influence, and strategy all while changing your mindset and building positive habits through daily conditioning and team calls. The program is full of information and techniques that are unlike any other and completely life-changing on so many levels. It’s an all-inclusive program that you will finish and find that you are a more confident, knowledgeable sales professional who will soar to greater heights than you have ever experienced!

Traci C.

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Training in Sales Management & Certification – CPSL®

Looking for a unique solution to grow as a sales leader? Want to transform your relationship with your sales team?
Stand out as a top leader in your industry!

Improve the way you approach sales leadership and influence the behavior of your sales professionals to increase performance and revenue. Develop your full potential as a leader and enter the new paradigm of sales leadership.

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*NOTE: Certification is not credit earning.

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