Centenary University has formed an innovative relationship with Growth-U to bring you programs that help you define a vision for yourself to build your identity and FUTURE U.

Centenary Growth-U

An Extra Edge

Your journey starts here and is bolstered by a future leaders mindset that sets you apart. Centenary believes that the programs* offered through Growth-U can provide you with additional tools to access your inner genius, emotional stability, and self-confidence. Most programs run 30 or 45 days, exclusively online in just 10-15 minutes a day.

Centenary has curated specific programs for students, athletes, coaches, faculty, career changes, and parents – but Growth-U has many more from which to choose!

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Student-Focused Programs

College Readiness: 45 Days to Success

The Growth-U program has been a game-changer for me. I have gained so much insight into how I can break through some of the limiting thought processes and attitudes that are holding me back from excelling.

Heidi B.

Equipping Students for the Journey Ahead

This transformative 45-day online program is designed to proactively empower students with a seamless transition into the college environment and workload. Spend just 10-15 minutes a day consuming bite-sized daily life coaching with weekly support from certified advisors and participants worldwide. This fun and unique program is specially designed using tested principles of cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology, where each day brings you closer to becoming the person you need to be for the success you want to achieve.

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College Readiness for Parents: 45 Days to Success

Empowering parents for the road ahead

College transitions are not only significant for students but also for parents. This transformative 45-day online program is designed as an opportunity for personal growth for parents. Engaging in the program allows parents to explore their own identity, mindset, and habits, contributing to their continued development and well-being. Even though the program is customized for the parent, the teaching parallels the student version of the proven Six Steps Process for Lasting Change™ with tested principles of cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology. This means parents can experience this fun and unique program along with their students if they choose, which can provide a shared language and framework for effective communication and meaningful conversations about their goals, challenges, and aspirations. Spend just 10-15 minutes a day consuming bite-sized daily life coaching with weekly support from certified advisors and participants worldwide. 

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College Success Program: 30 Days to Activate a Productive Mindset

Hands down, Growth-U offers the most comprehensive and effective self-development, life-shifting programs on the market. The investment has paid off big time in every area of my life!

Chris O.

The 30-day online College Success program is tailored with expert coaching videos and tools to help you with the skills, mindset, and practical strategies needed to manage your emotional and mental habits, focus on what matters, and be productive and creative with your goals and projects. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a personalized guide to unleashing your full potential. It’s not just about overcoming obstacles, it’s about owning one’s inner power and mastering the art of balance.

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Athletes, Coaching Staff, Parent/Supporter Programs

Growth U athlete and coach

Peak Performance Athlete: 60 Days to Fueling a Winning Mindset

WOW! What a difference 60 Days can make! When I began this challenge I was dealing with an injury. I doubted this program would do anything for me at first, but I was so wrong. I now have a new mindset about my life. Regardless of whether I play professionally, I know I’ll be successful.  

Ryan S.

Unleash your potential with the 60-Day online Peak Performance Athlete Program! This game-changer program includes expert coaching videos, navigating through four key phases, unlocking secrets for top-tier athleticism. With weekly support from certified advisors and participants worldwide, this isn’t just a program; it’s a game-changer. Tailored for college and high school athletes, for 10-15 minutes per day, participants with be expertly guided through a proven process to achieve their next-level potential, establishing success-driven belief systems, overcoming obstacles, and fostering habits of mental toughness and teamwork.

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Peak Performance Coaches/Parents: 60 Days to Breakthrough Performance

This program is a game-changer! I have so enjoyed “getting to know myself” and learning tools to release bad habits that don’t serve me well. I am on my way to becoming the coach and leader that I’ve always dreamed of being… all because of Growth U!

Paige U.

Tailored for coaches, parents, and mentors, this online conditioning and accountability program only takes 10-15 minutes per day. Aligned with the college Athlete program, it ensures a shared language of empowerment as you each create a vision for excellence, overcome setbacks, and develop mental toughness and strategic habits. This program focuses on shaping a breakthrough performance mindset; recognizing opportunities; maintaining optimal health, leadership, mental toughness, and life balance; navigating uncertainty; and building player confidence. Embark on a guided growth journey alongside your college athlete… equipped with tools to foster confidence, communication, and leadership skills while breaking unwanted patterns. Support your college athlete’s journey to excellence today!

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Adults, Staff, Graduate, Sales, and Career Force Programs

Transform-U: 45 Days to Successful Habits

The Transform-U and Leadership programs inspired me to do an honest inventory, digging deep to uncover what I’ve always wanted for my life. Looking squarely at my self-defeating ways was uncomfortable but support from Growth-U advisors encouraged me to keep moving forward.

Debra M.

This program is your ally in navigating life’s challenges. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, undergoing personal or professional transitions, or seeking clarity for your life visions and goals, this program is designed for you. It offers unwavering support to help you create a vision for transforming your life, unlock limiting beliefs and patterns, and establish powerful behaviors aligned with your goals. Expect step-by-step guidance, accountability, and the identification of obstacles hindering meaningful change. With a flexible roadmap, habit support, and daily insights, you’ll experience the transformative impact of daily consistency and commitment, allowing the program to do the heavy lifting as you work towards a more fulfilling and rewarding university experience.

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Mood Boosters: 30 Days to Amplifying Your Emotional State

This program guided me to take 100% responsibility for my emotional state and my goals. No one else is responsible for how I show up and my future. There will be things and situations that will be out of my control, but I’m learning how to handle them, having a constructive and positive attitude is already leading me toward more success.

Stephanie S.

A 30-day online coaching program designed to elevate your mental and emotional well-being in only 10-15 minutes a day. This transformative experience introduces you to 10 specific emotional states, paired with original music, empowering you to enhance your confidence, focus, self-love, and inner peace. Through purposeful self-talk and body language, you’ll learn to cultivate moods that foster success. Enjoy expert guidance, step-by-step coaching videos, and the establishment of positive habits. Learn to identify triggers, tap into your inner power, and create “booster moves” for any situation. Become more emotionally aligned, deliberate, grounded, empowered, influential, and expressive in your journey toward success and well-being.

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Advanced Leadership: Six Weeks to Becoming an Outstanding Leader

I have explored and used other programs out there and nothing compares to what you learn in this program. I have been able to truly develop into a more effective and confident leader and mentor for the people on my team.

Mark S.

Advanced Leadership is built on award-winning training that has revolutionized leaders across industries. Developed through 30 years of research, and validated by top institutions like the University of Michigan and the University of Arizona, this isn’t just a course; it’s a catalyst for your evolution. No matter your experience, position, or industry, this program will meet you where you are and transform your identity, mindset, strategies, and habits as a leader. With six succinct modules, you’ll progress weekly capturing your insights and responses to built-in weekly lessons and activities. You’ll be expertly guided with weekly coaching videos and access to weekly live certified advisor calls. In only one hour a week, dive into the science of influence across personal, interpersonal, and group dynamics. This isn’t just leadership training; it’s your roadmap to a new level of success. Your transformation starts now!

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*NOTE: Programs are not credit earning.

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