Prevention Education

The SSVP Office is responsible for developing content around prevention on our campus. SSVP offers a variety of facilitated workshops for student organizations and groups, residence halls, faculty, staff and classrooms.

Spring 2021 Workshops

Moving Past Bystander Interventions: Combatting Violence in all Forms:
Aimed to engage students by exploring how all students have a distinct role in preventing violence, assessing gender roles, media, socialization, and collective prevention building.

Spectrum Ideologies and Gender-Based Violence:
Highlights distinction between sex and gender, sexual orientation, LGBTQ+ terminology & specific difficulties faced in varying communities.

Contemporary Consent and Healthy Relationships:
Explores difficult topics in a conversation-based presentation to provide students with the tools to communicate safely and clearly, in healthy and consensual relationships.

If you’re interested in scheduling or participating in a workshop, contact us!


Members of the Students Taking On Prevention Team holding signs used at the Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event.

Students + Prevention

The SSVP Office depends on students who are interested in spreading messages of prevention and dedicated to creating a campus community that supports survivors and combats violence.

Students Taking On Prevention (STOP) is a student group that is focused on preventing violence in all forms, paying particular attention to sexual and gender-based violence. Interested students should contact to find out more information about getting involved.

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