Campus Delays or Closings

Decision Making

  1. Director of Security will review weather forecast for the final time and contact appropriate authority for each campus if necessary.
  2. If appropriate, the Director of Security will contact the Provost for permission to cancel or delay school.
  3. Director of Security upon approval will notify the Senior Systems Engineer who will then access the web site and the telephone system to inform the campus community of the closure/delay.
  4. The Director of Security will also send a campus wide e2Campus message accompanied by a campus wide email informing of the closure/delay.
  5. All campus wide notifications of school closures/delays should be in place by 5:30 a.m.

IT Department Tasks

  • Set E2Campus Alert
  • Set Main Phone Message Alert
  • Update My.Centenary Alert
  • Update Main Web Site Alert

Public Relations Team Tasks

If necessary, Public Relations representative will post message to social media outlets:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter

Emergency Notifications

An emergency is constituted as an imminent threat to the safety of the Centenary University community.


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