Program Narrative: 

The Honors Program at Centenary University seeks motivated and talented students who want to enhance and enrich their educational experiences at Centenary. These scholars will be part of a small close-knit community full of encouragement and support from both students and faculty. Honors students will be able to create curriculums that cater to their interests through honors contracts, which enable students to go deeper into areas of study about which they are passionate. Students will also have opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty members to create capstone projects that mirror their area of study/career aspirations. Centenary’s Honors Program prepares students for life after graduation whether it be into graduate programs or the workforce.

Honors Curriculum:

  • Completion of 26 credits in Honors at a 3.4-grade point average
  • These 26 credits (20% of total curriculum) shall consist of:

12 credits from Honors general education

  • These courses are special Honors contracts in general education courses, offered by departments throughout the university.

6 credits Honors Seminar Course

  • These courses will be 2 credits each.  One seminar is required as a freshman and a sophomore.  The last one has to be on the 3000-4000 level.
  • Honors Courses:  Individual or Team Taught:
  • Freshman Course:  Theory of Knowledge
  • Sophomore Course:  Theory of Knowledge with an emphasis on particular disciplines.  The course contains a few weeks of discussion of the capstone project.
  • Upper-Level Courses:  Faculty submit a proposal and course is voted on by the council.
  • Examples for Common Honors Courses:  Media Literacy, Communication Theory (speech), Human Rights, Environmental Justice, Women’s Studies

8 credits upper division contract

  • Students work with faculty to develop and execute a supplemental learning experience that brings an Honors dimension to the course.
  • Contracts are completed at the 3000-4000 level in the student’s major or minor field of study.

Major Related Capstone Project

  • A project, inquiry, or investigation conducted by a student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.  This project is completed with advising and collaboration of a faculty mentor advisor, an outside department faculty committee member, and an optional outside the university committee member.
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