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Being a part of the Honors Program not only opens the gate for better opportunities and a brighter future, but it also opens doors to life long friendships. As a group, the students of the Honors Program have grown closer together and formed unbreakable friendships. Being a part of the Honors Group you are always guaranteed to have a group of friends and peers who are always willing to help. As a part of this program, the students always try to organize events for everyone to attend such as volunteering together, hikes, bowling, field trips and many more.

Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Event: Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Students participated in Halloween pumpkin painting. These are the Honors Students that attended and their pumpkins!


Students Hiking

Event: Hiking

As a group, the Honors students love to do outside of school activities together to stay connected. During the fall, the students took a hike in the beautiful mountains of Hackettstown


Realy For Life

Event: Relay for Life

Volunteering is a major part of the Honors program. The students participated in this fundraiser for cancer. This event raised over $3,00 all while having fun together


TEDx Talk

Event: TEDx Talk

Centenary University put on its very own TEDx talk, only invited guests were allowed. The honors program students got their own private invitation. Here is a group of students that attended the TEDx talk and learned a few new things from their Professors about knowledge


Capstone Projects

As a requirement of the Honors Program, each student must complete their own capstone project.  A capstone project is a project, inquiry, or investigation conducted by a student that makes an original intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline. Some students have already completed a capstone project or in the process of starting one. Here are some examples of what the current students are working on.

Sean’s Presentation of Results

Sean Graham: Capstone Project in History

Undergraduate Sean Graham has spent the last three semesters conducting research on why Centenary Collegiate Institute (the former name for Centenary University) was built in Hackettstown. Sean wanted to look past the standard narrative regarding the donation of the ten Hackettstown citizens and discover what other reasons could explain why Hackettstown was chosen by the Newark Methodist Conference as the location for the school. Sean started this research as part of his Presidential Scholarship his freshman year and has continued to make it his Honors capstone project. Sean’s research has been guided by the support of Dr. Noah Haiduc-Dale and Dr. Emily Anderson. In order to conduct this research, Sean had to spend countless hours collecting historical documents from multiple archives across the state. Sean has recently written a thirty page paper regarding his research, which he hopes to make public in the fall of 2019. Sean has presented his research numerous times in the last semesters and will continue to do so as another component to his capstone project.

Danelle Presenting Research Poster

Danielle Dellamo: Capstone Project in Psychology

“My advisor and professor, Dr. Keith Morgen, has given me an exciting opportunity to be involved in the research. We created a research poster that looked at the Medicaid expansion’s effect on payment options both for programs open to the general public and also LGBT-specific programs. Our hope was to provide insight into the positive effects of Medicaid expansion. This was so important because this expansion offers more payment options for people to participate in substance use disorder programs. We began by analyzing data and looking through literature which was time-consuming but interesting as we found more information. With the information we found, we had to then decide which direction to go in. After choosing the Medicaid expansion, we compiled all of our findings and printed the poster which was then presented at a psychological research conference”  -Danielle Dellamo

Honors Contract Within a Course

As a requirement of the Honors Program, each student must complete five contracts including three within core courses and two within the student’s discipline. A honors contract is an agreement with the professor of that course, which allows the student to delve deeper into topics discussed in class through an individualized project.

Victoria Cattano: Honors Contract in Physics

Picture of Victoria’s Bridge

For Victoria’s honors contact with Physics, she was asked to build a truss bridge entirely out of white paper and regular glue that could hold 100 pounds! The bridge could not weigh more than 500 grams and had other height and length restrictions. When testing her bridge sadly it did not make it to the desired weight. It only held 60 pounds, but that was over 50 times its own weight. This was a challenging project where she got to test the laws of tension and compression in a hands-on way.


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