At Centenary we are proud of our history and the buildings that have carried us through generations of learning. From our classic Victorian style administration building, to our state-of-the-art Radio and TV Production facilities in the new Lackland Center, we strive to provide the environments necessary for all of our students to succeed in a modern, global world.

You can find a listing of our Academic Facilities and their corresponding academic and special uses below.

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Building Name and Academic Use


Handicapped Accessible Rooms, Room for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Faculty Offices

Equine Facilities

Barns and Training Facilities, Equine Related Courses


Handicapped Accessible Rooms, General Academics Use


Pool Facilities, Training Facilities, Wrestling Facilities, Gymnasium


Handicapped Accessible Rooms, General Academics Use, Research Facilities


Handicapped Accessible Rooms, Dance Studio, Newsroom, WNTI, TV Studio, Theater Facilities, Dining Hall, Meeting Rooms

Library Annex

Handicapped Accessible Rooms, General Academics Use, Academic Success Center

Littell Technology Center

Handicapped Accessible Rooms, General Academics Use


Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi


General Academics Use, College Campus Store, Career Services, Student Activities Lounge


Photography Lab, Fashion, Biology, Chemistry, Art Studio, General Academics Use

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