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Centenary University Alert: Please visit the Centenary University COVID-19 area of the website to learn the latest updates.

Latest Update

8/11/2020 – Centenary University’s Restart Plan – Version 2

Centenary University’s Official FALL 2020 PLAN FOR RESTART submitted July 28 to the Office of the N.J. Secretary of Higher Education.


7/15/2020 – Centenary University’s Response to COVID-19

6/18/2020 – Centenary University President Update

Date: 6/18/2020

Over the past two months, a dedicated team at Centenary University has been planning for your return this fall semester. This multidisciplinary group represents every aspect of the operations of this University, from administration and faculty, to health services, student life, athletics, food service, security, and more. Our goal has been the safe return of our students to campus for the fall semester.

  • The fall semester will begin on campus on Monday, August 31. Students will return home for Thanksgiving break, after which we will switch to remote instruction for the final two weeks of the semester. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, including for student-athletes who are in season, and students who need access to our labs or equine center to complete their coursework.
  • Hybrid courses will be utilized as much as possible to promote social distancing and provide flexibility to faculty and students. These courses will combine in-class and remote learning to reduce population density on campus.
  • Students who are not comfortable returning to in-person classes will be provided with the option of taking all courses remotely for the fall semester.
  • We are updating our guidelines and some of our facilities to promote social distancing on campus—including in our residence halls—and promote responsible hygiene practices such as proper handwashing. Social distancing will be introduced to student activities as much as possible to enhance student safety.
  • Centenary will continue to follow guidance for intercollegiate athletics from the NCAA and CSAC. Competitions will commence when it is deemed safe by these two entities, as well as the governor of New Jersey.
  • Students will notice changes in the operation of our dining hall and at Starbucks. These modifications will be announced at a later date.

Centenary will continue to follow the ongoing guidance issued by Governor Murphy, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New Jersey Department of Health.

Please continue to consult this website for the latest updates.


Public Health Guidance

We encourage all members of the University community to employ the following social distancing techniques:

wash handscover your cough

don't touch your facedisinfect frequently






We also encourage you to keep at least six feet between yourself and another person in all public places, avoid close contact, including handshakes and hugging, and limit in-person meetings.


Response to Coronavirus FAQs

How has Centenary University prepared to address coronavirus?
Centenary University has been monitoring the spread of coronavirus in the United States since late January. The University has an Emergency Response Team that has been in close contact with public health officials to address this public health concern. These measures have included assessing and upgrading the sanitization of our campus facilities, monitoring student travel, and preparing with our faculty to move all instruction online.

What protocols has Centenary University followed for the safety of the campus community?
Throughout this process, Centenary University has followed all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the New Jersey State Department of Health, to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our priority remains the health and safety of our campus community.

Have any Centenary students traveled abroad recently?
During Spring Break week (March 8-14), two student trips were planned. Centenary Fashion Design students were scheduled to tour fashion houses in Italy. Additionally, Centenary students were scheduled to travel to the Dominican Republic on a service trip in conjunction with Soles4Souls. Both trips were cancelled.

The University also had two students who were spending the semester studying abroad in Italy. They have both returned home. One of those students is in New Jersey in self-quarantine. The other student is an international student who has chosen to self-quarantine in their home country. Centenary has arranged for both students to finish their semesters online with the Italian university they were attending.

Does Centenary have any students from China?
Yes, Centenary has several students from China. However, these students came to the United States before the coronavirus outbreak occurred in China, so they were not exposed to the virus before arriving at Centenary.

Have any Centenary students or staff been diagnosed with coronavirus?
As of March 19, 2020, no Centenary students or staff have been diagnosed with coronavirus. We have received information that the parent of one student has been tested for coronavirus; that student has entered voluntary self-quarantine. No staff members have reported exposure to coronavirus at this time.

Is Centenary’s campus closed?
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, on March 16 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on issued an executive order (104) directing all institutions of higher learning to cease in-person instruction until further notice. As a result, Centenary University decided to move to online instruction for the remainder of the semester for all classes taught at our Hackettstown campus, as well as Centenary University at Parsippany (the School of Professional Studies). Essential University offices will continue to remain open, while others have begun operating virtually. University Health Services will continue to be available during regular business hours.

Is the Equestrian Center open?
The Equestrian Center will continue to be closed during this break. However, members of our dedicated equine staff will staff the Equestrian Center to feed and care for our horses during the closure of the campus.

Is the Library open?
The library is closed at this time but as always, library resources are plentiful and easily accessible:

  • more than 200,000 ebooks are available through our EBSCO database — accessible under SEARCH on the library home page**
  • more than 160 databases can be searched for scholarly journal articles**
  • The main search box  on our library webpage allows for searching  for items via our Cyclone Search, EBSCO, ProQuest, etc.  Descriptions as to what can be searched are listed for each tab.
  • Research Guides by subject are available

**Just a reminder, when off-campus, your Moodle username and password will allow access to all ebooks and databases**

When did online classes begin?
Centenary transitioned to online instruction beginning on March 16th and will continue through the end of the spring semester.

Will the residence halls remain open?
Only residential students who have been approved are permitted to be in the residence halls. We have developed and communicated the plan to support both our on-campus and off-campus residential students during this time.

  • The first part of the plan is to work with the residents who are currently on campus at this time. We are assisting these residents with securing a placement off campus or social distancing on campus for those who cannot leave.
  • Part two of our approach is the residents who have left campus who would like to return to pick up items.  We will be following up with a timeframe and plan for the move out process but have assured the residents that items are safe and secured during this time.

Can I access my room?
Any residential student who needs to access their room are asked to submit their request in writing to residencelife@centenaryuniversity.edu. If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life at 908-852-1400, ext. 3950 or via email at residencelife@centenaryuniversity.edu.

Will campus events and meetings be cancelled?
In accordance with NJ Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order, all public events will be canceled until further notice. All work-related events will be conducted remotely unless otherwise specified by a supervisor.

Check out this list of events for information concerning cancellations, postponements or virtual happenings.

Student Programming has created a virtual student engagement plan, which includes a calendar of daily activities to stay connected. Some activities include Virtual Bingo; Cent Trivia, Favorite Memory, and many others. So please check Cent_ life Instagram and your email to stay engaged!!

Will spring athletics seasons resume?
The Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC), with unanimous support from its Board of Directors, has announced the suspension of all athletic activity, including contests and championships, for the remainder of the 2020 spring semester. This was effective on Friday, March 20, 2020.

Are the Mailroom/Welcome Center open?
For Employees—the Welcome Center and mailroom will be open during regular business hours.

For Students—any packages sent thru UPS and FedEx cannot be forwarded once they are received in our Welcome Center. In order to receive your items promptly, we suggest that you change the address to your home address on any packages that you will have delivered over the next few weeks. Some USPS packages may be able to be forwarded, but not all. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Carrie Frei in the Welcome Center at ext. 2316 or via email at Mailroom@centenaryuniversity.edu.

Will Health Services remain open?
Health Services will remain open during regular business hours. If you are feeling ill, please call the office at 908-852-1400 x2206 to speak with a clinician prior to scheduling an appointment or visiting Health Services.

How can I reach someone in Student Life?
Student Life will be open during normal business hours for any student needs or questions. If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Life at 908-852-1400, ext. 4291 or via email at student.life@centenaryuniversity.edu.

How can I reach Campus Security?
Campus Security will be on campus during normal business hours. For emergencies, please call 908.852.1400, ext. 0 for assistance or via email for non-emergency related matters: campussecurity@centenaryuniversity.edu

What if I have a maintenance/facilities issue?
Facilities will be open during normal business hours for all maintenance and housekeeping needs. Please submit all maintenance requests using the following link: https://www.centenaryuniversity.edu/about-centenary/academic-facilities-at-centenary-university/our-facilities/

Will Dining Services be available?
The cafeteria remains open for grab and go for residents approved to reside here as well as any faculty and staff.

Dining hall hours of operation:

  • Brunch/Lunch          11:00 m – 1:00pm
  • Dinner                       4:00pm – 6:00pm

Starbucks will be open from 8:00am – 1:00pm, Monday thru Friday.
Trotters Café will be closed until further notice.

Will the bookstore be open?
The campus store is closed to in-person business until further notice. Please call us at 908-852-6910 with any questions and visit us at www.shopcentenaryu.com for all of your purchasing needs. We are currently offering FREE shipping on all non-express orders.

Additionally, we have partnered with our digital book provider, Redshelf, to offer FREE temporary access to any digital textbooks on the platform. Please visit www.studentresponse.redshelf.com for further details. If you have not used our digital platform you will need to create an account using your CentenaryUniversity.EDU email.

Rental due dates have been extended an additional 15 days after the traditional semester’s end and can be shipped for free through our store’s website. Please remember that rentals must be in the store by the due date.

Who do I contact about my student account?
Student Accounts, will be open during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Please call 908.852.1400, ext. 2245 if you have questions or need assistance or via email at studentaccounts@centenaryuniversity.edu

Will I receive a refund for room and board?
Many complex issues have arisen regarding the impact of COVID-19 on higher education. Among the most pressing are some very important financial questions, including the various hardships faced by many of our own students and staff. In addressing these financial concerns, Centenary must act responsibly to avoid inadvertently forfeiting any financial relief coming from the public sector, our insurance carriers, or our vendor contracts by making premature decisions. As a result, while we have begun to review the issue of refunds for room and board, a decision on refunds or on a refund process will not be made until later in the semester.

Can I schedule a campus tour?
For now, Centenary has suspended all in-person visits to our campus. We will let you know when campus visits resume. However, we are planning several virtual admissions events. Also, our admissions representatives are available to provide more information, including one-on-one calls with prospective students, about the great academic opportunities available at Centenary University. Please reach out to us at 908.852.1400 or visit our virtual tour at https://www.youvisit.com/tour/centenaryuniversity?pl=v

I’ve been admitted to Centenary for the 2020-21 academic year. Is Admitted Student Day cancelled?
Admitted Student Day, originally scheduled for April 4th, is going virtual. However, we are preparing to present a virtual Admitted Student Day in late April—please watch your email for more information. As always, if you have any questions about Centenary, please reach out to our admissions counselors at 908.852.1400 or email at CentUAdmissions@CentenaryUniversity.edu

How can I find out more information about Centenary’s academic programs?
Due to NJ Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order, we can’t hold any admissions events or information sessions for the foreseeable future. However, there are lots of great ways you can explore our academic and extracurricular programs, financial aid opportunities, athletics, scholarships, and much more. Our website has full descriptions of each program, as well as a virtual tour of our beautiful campus. In addition, our admissions counselors are still available to speak with you and answer your questions at 908.852.1400

Are the labs open?
All labs are closed at this time.

Are there any changes to the Academic Standing, Warning and Probation Policy as listed in the University Catalog? 

Yes, there are considerations that are being put in place due to Covid-19. They are as follows:

  • Students who are on Academic Probation during the 2020SP semester will not be dismissed, if certain criteria were met prior to the move to remote instruction:
    • The student had not received any progress reports.
    • The grades reported by faculty indicate that the student was achieving the grades needed to be removed from AP.
    • The student was meeting regularly with a Success Specialist.
  • Students who did not meet the minimum requirements to be in Good Academic Standing during the 2020SP semester will still be placed on Academic Probation (AP) but the student can appeal. If (or when) a student believes he/she is on AP due to circumstances surrounding Covid-19 (or concerning, involving, related to Covid-19), he/she can appeal to the Senior Director of Academic Success in writing within 10 days of being notified of their status on AP. In all appeals, student course grades prior to the University shifting to fully online/remote instruction will be considered.
  • Students who did not meet the 0.75 CUM GPA during their first semester at Centenary will be dismissed but are encouraged to appeal, especially if the circumstances around Covid-19 impacted his/her performance. In all appeals, student course grades prior to the University shifting to fully online/remote instruction will be considered.


Please check this comprehensive list of events that have been cancelled, postponed or will be presented virtually.