Latest Update

12/4/2020 – Message from President Murphy regarding COVID and athletic competition per CSAC review and guidance.

10/16/2020 – In anticipation of our Spring 2021 Semester, we are happy to provide this update and opening plan. We look forward to a great spring semester, and are grateful to everyone for staying Cyclone Safe.

4/1/2021Centenary University’s Restart Plan – Version 12

cover art for Centenary University's 2020-20221 Restart Plan - V12

Centenary University’s Official Winter 2021 PLAN FOR RESTART submitted July 28 to the Office of the N.J. Secretary of Higher Education.

Public Health Guidance

We encourage all members of the University community to employ the following social distancing techniques:

wash handscover your cough

don't touch your facedisinfect frequently






We also encourage you to keep at least six feet between yourself and another person in all public places, avoid close contact, including handshakes and hugging, and limit in-person meetings.


Response to Coronavirus FAQs

Will the University require face coverings?
Effective immediately and remaining until further notice it will be mandatory for all persons to wear a face covering, both indoors and outdoors, at all times while on campus. This policy also applies to the Equestrian Center and the Parsippany Campus.

How has Centenary University prepared to address coronavirus?
Centenary University has been monitoring the spread of coronavirus in the United States since late January. The University has an Emergency Response Team that has been in close contact with public health officials to address this public health concern. These measures have included assessing and upgrading the sanitization of our campus facilities, monitoring student travel, and preparing with our faculty to move all instruction online.

What protocols has Centenary University followed for the safety of the campus community?
Throughout this process, Centenary University has followed all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the New Jersey State Department of Health, to stop the spread of coronavirus. Our priority remains the health and safety of our campus community.

How will the University maintain adequate supplies, such as personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies?
The Facilities Department, in coordination with University Purchasing, is charged with maintaining the inventory of cleaning supplies on campus to at least last through the fall semester.

  • The University will stock adequate supplies for the fall semester of:
    • Disposable face coverings
    • Face shields
    • Gowns, booties and bonnets (Health Services)
    • Gloves
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Disinfecting wipes and/or alternate disinfecting products
  • The University will store and distribute cleaning supplies and other products for use on campuses as described in other areas of the Plan.
  • The University will monitor inventories of the supplies and replenish as required to maintain an adequate inventory of supplies at all times. Alternate products may be substituted, as necessary.

What is your plan for operation of computer labs? How will the institution implement social distancing measures and cleaning protocols in these facilities?
Computer labs will be closed to classes. Individual students may be permitted access, if necessary, for course assignments and will be supervised.

What is your plan for operation of computer labs? How will the institution implement social distancing measures and cleaning protocols in these facilities?
When computer labs are permitted to be opened, in an effort to enforce social distancing recommendations, IT plans to remove keyboards and power cords from every other computer station to maintain six feet of separation for users. The desktops and monitors will remain in place, unusable. All lab spaces (science and computer) have been reorganized to maintain social distance and other hygiene protocols including:

  • Sanitizing wipes available in each lab.
  • Users expected to wipe all surfaces and equipment after each use. Instructors and staff to monitor and re-wipe if needed.
  • Daily cleaning by Facilities will further ensure surfaces and equipment are safe for next use.
  • For students borrowing laptops, all machines will be disinfected before and after distribution.

How will the institution ensure infection prevention measures are followed in shared or common areas (such as residence hall kitchens, game rooms, bathrooms, etc.)?

  • Lounges and kitchens will be closed, hand sanitizing stations by bathrooms, increased facilities cleaning schedule will be implemented.
  • Residents will be encouraged not to place personal items on high touch surfaces in bathrooms.
  • Laundry room—The University will provide daily cleaning and enhanced disinfection of high-touch surfaces, including buttons, knobs, and handles using EPA rated products approved for disinfection purposes. The University has upgraded its laundry machines which now include an app to be utilized for scheduling of machines. The app will help the students identify when a machine is free to prevent them from congregating in the laundry room.

How will the library handle general safety procedures?

  • Face coverings required for all.
  • Social distancing of six feet in effect.
  • Library surfaces, books, and computers that have been used to be cleaned throughout the day with significant disinfection daily.
  • Building open to limited number of people.
  • Patrons check in at circulation desk when entering the building for number count and contact tracing purposes; if building is at pandemic capacity, students will be asked to wait until proper numbers are met.
  • One door in, one door out—entrance and exit doors kept open whenever possible to avoid being touched; if closed, disinfected often.
  • As many inside doors/windows open as possible to keep air flowing and avoid contamination by touching.
  • Sanitization stations available.

How will student service departments reduce in-person interactions and implement safeguarding measures, particularly in waiting areas?
Waiting areas have limited seating in compliance with social distancing. Students encouraged to schedule appointments via electronic means. Staff located in these areas will also guide students to wait outside or come back at a scheduled time, if the waiting areas are full.

How will students, staff and faculty who are immunocompromised, or otherwise in an at-risk category, or those with a positive diagnosis, be able to access student services remotely?

  • Accommodations for students with disabilities will be maintained in instances of remote instruction, including “classroom” accommodations and testing.
  • All student academic services will be offered virtually or in person, including but not limited to tutoring, advising, and coaching; however, in person services will be limited.
  • Remote tutoring provided via NetTutor and through our professional and peer tutors via virtual meetings.

What is the institution’s plan for transportation on campus?

  • The University will follow statewide guidance on transportation in compliance with State regulations/orders.
  • Travel throughout campus will be provided by Campus Security with PPE for Security Officer and passenger. Security Officers will wipe down high-touch surfaces after each trip. Vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned daily using an EPA recommended cleaner and disinfectant.
  • University vans will be used on a limited basis for transporting students to and from the Equine Center and to the Hatchery Facility and other trips as needed.  VP approval must be requested prior to trip.
  • Facilities will thoroughly clean vans daily using an EPA recommended cleaner and disinfectant. During cleaning, staff will wear appropriate protective gear, including face coverings and gloves, changed after each use, to protect themselves and to prevent the spread of the virus. Special attention will be given to cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces/objects.
  • Driver and passengers in vans must wear face coverings at all times and socially distance, where possible.
  • Van drivers will wipe down all high-touch surfaces/objects after each trip and prior to new occupants entering the van using EPA recommended cleaner and/or disinfectant wipes.

What is the institution’s plan for resumption of athletic programs on campus?

  • The institution is planning to modify the Fall sport season to include only Conference contests.
  • The Athletics Department will follow the resocialization guidelines set forth by the NCAA and Conference on the health and safety measures needed to return to play including: daily screening of student-athletes, coaches, and staff, sanitization of equipment, virtual meetings wherever possible, travel accommodations including face coverings and social distancing etc.

For more information, please read the Winter 2021 Restart Plan.