Welcome to Open Enrollment 2024!

Centenary University will be conducting its annual Open Enrollment online through the ADP Portal from June 12 through June 26, 2024 for the plan year effective July 1, 2024.  As a reminder, employees must be scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week, 12 months per year to be eligible for these benefits. In addition, full-time 9-month Faculty and full-time Coaches are also benefit eligible.

Note: The deadline for enrolling in or changing your benefits online is June 26 at 11:59pm Eastern time.


During Open Enrollment, you can make changes to your medical, dental, and vision coverage.  You can enroll in a plan, switch plans, and add/drop coverage for yourself, your spouse/domestic partner, and/or your dependent(s).

An employee can make changes to their benefits throughout the plan year only when an employee experiences a qualifying life event. Some examples of a qualifying life event are marriage, divorce or legal separation, birth or adoption of a child, and loss of other coverage. Adding a new spouse/domestic partner and eligible dependent(s) up to age 31 may be done during the year provided it is within 30 days of the qualifying event. Dependents up to age 31 may be enrolled in their parent’s medical plan if they meet all of the eligibility requirements (please contact Human Resources for requirements). Adding a newborn baby to your plan must be done within 60 days of the birth. Also, if you are not covered by Centenary’s medical, dental, or vision plans and your coverage elsewhere ceases, i.e., due to your spouse’s/domestic partner’s loss of employment and healthcare benefits coverage, you may enroll in Centenary’s healthcare plans within 30 days of that event. Enrollment for any other reason may only take place during this Open Enrollment period.

Please note that waiving coverage (dropping out of the plans) or deleting any family members from coverage may be done at any time during the year.


The following benefit choices are available to you during this Open Enrollment period:

Medical Coverage
(click on plan names to review plan summaries)

To view a side-by-side comparison of the medical plans, please click here.
To view the monthly premium rates for the medical plans, please click here.

To search for a Horizon medical provider:

  • Go to www.horizonblue.com and select Find a Doctor
  • Click on Continue as a Guest
  • Enter your zip code or city and state
  • Choose the plans Direct Access With Blue Card or Advantage EPO With Blue Card

For your information, here are some other benefits offered by Horizon:

Dental Coverage – 2 Options
(click on plan names to review plan summaries)

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier
Delta Dental DeltaCare Flagship DMO

To view a side-by-side comparison of the dental plans, please click here.
To view the monthly premium rates for the dental plans, please click here.
To search for a dentist, visit www.deltadentalnj.com and click on “Find A Dentist.”  Choose “Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier” or “Flagship” as the plan name when performing a search.

Vision Coverage – 2 Options
(click on plan names to review plan summaries)

VSP Vision Service Base Plan
VSP Premier Plan

To view a side-by-side comparison of the vision plans, please click here.
To view the monthly premium rates for the vision plans, please click here.
To search for an eye doctor, visit www.vsp.com and click on “Find A Doctor.”

You can also refer to the Benefits Guide for more information.


If you would like to enroll in, terminate, or change your medical, dental, and/or vision coverage, please log onto ADP at www.workforcenow.adp.com from June 12 through June 26.  For optimal performance, ADP recommends you upgrade to the most recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, and Safari 13 and higher.  If you are not using the latest versions of these browsers, you may experience performance issues. ADP no longer supports Internet Explorer 11 or the legacy Edge browser (version 78 and below).  If you encounter any issues, try logging into ADP through a different browser.

When you log on to ADP, you will be prompted to make your benefit selections, or you can click on Myself > Benefits > Enrollments.  Be sure to click on “Submit Enrollment” on the last screen to submit your selections. 

After you complete the enrollment process, you will receive a confirmation email from ADP.  You can also check your 7/1 enrollments at any time in ADP by clicking on Myself > Benefits > Enrollments > View Benefits.  Be sure to change the date in the upper left to 07/01/2024 to view your 7/1 benefit elections.

If you have never created an account on ADP, instructions for doing so can be found here.  If you already have an ADP account and forgot your password, please visit ADP and click on “Forgot Your Password.”

Note: The deadline for enrolling in or changing your benefits online is June 26 at 11:59pm Eastern time. 


Employees electing a new or different benefit plan will receive an ID card reflecting the new plan they selected, with an effective date of July 1, 2024.  If you elect a new plan, an ID card will be mailed to you from Horizon and Delta Dental.  If you continue in the same dental plan you are currently enrolled in, you will not receive a new ID card.  ID cards will not be mailed from VSP, as an ID card is not required to receive vision services.  For your convenience, you do have the capability to print your Delta Dental and VSP ID cards online.


If you are currently enrolled in medical coverage through United Healthcare, your last day of coverage will be June 30, 2024. If you do not elect a Horizon medical plan through ADP by June 26, you will not have medical coverage and will not be able to elect medical coverage until next year’s open enrollment period or until you experience a qualifying life event. If you are currently enrolled in dental and/or vision benefits and you do not take any action, your dental and vision benefit elections will remain the same and will carry over on July 1st.


Please contact our benefit advocate Optavise at 1-866-253-2273 who will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. Optavise is available Monday-Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.  Open Enrollment Information Sessions will take place through Microsoft Teams on June 11 at 11:30 am and June 12 at 2 pm.  If you need additional assistance, please contact your HR representative.


Coinsurance – The percentage of each health care bill a person must pay out of their own pocket. Non-covered charges are in addition to this amount.
Copayment – The amount you must pay out of your own pocket when you receive medical care or a prescription drug. A copayment applies to each in-network visit or prescription.
Deductible – The amount the insured must pay before any payment is due from the insurance company. A covered individual is responsible for their deductible only once each calendar year.
Out of Pocket Maximum – Each plan limits the amount an individual may pay out of their own pocket during a calendar year. Once the out of pocket maximum is met, benefits are paid at 100%. Deductibles, coinsurance, prescriptions, and copayments accrue toward this amount.
Pre-certification – Pre-certification may be required for certain procedures. Failure to obtain this authorization may result in a reduction or exclusion of benefits. Speak with your physician when using the following services: non-emergency hospital admissions, emergency hospital admissions, and complex imaging tests. Please note that this is not a complete list – contact your carrier for a comprehensive listing.

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