In annual celebration of Veteran’s Day and to recognize the valor, courage, and sacrifice of those who served or are currently serving, The Honor Tree is always on display at different locations on campus. After Veteran’s Day, The Honor Tree is moved back to its usual and customary location in the Veteran’s Resource Center.

The Gratitude Journal is also made available to the campus community to write a message of thanks to those who have served or are currently serving.

The Honor Tree is available year-round to hang a color-coded star in support of our troops and to honor family, friends, colleagues, alumni, and those in the greater Centenary community who have served selflessly.

The Office of Veteran Services will continue to fulfill emailed requests for stars from students/student veterans/veteran dependents/staff/faculty/alumni/family /friends/community, who are not located on the main campus.  Please email with the particulars.

The Honor Tree Color Code

Purple Ribbon – Student/staff/faculty or a community member who
is serving/has served

Blue Ribbon – In honor of a family member or friend who
is currently serving/has served

Yellow Ribbon – Support and thanks to all service members
and veterans

White Ribbon – In memory of a family member or friend who gave
their life in the line of duty

Black Ribbon – In recognition of a family member or friend who
was/is POW or MIA

As always, we thank all of the brave men and women who served and protected or are currently serving and protecting. We appreciate your sacrifice and are indebted to you for your selfless service.

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The Honor Tree – 2020

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