Centenary Greater Expectation Learning Outcomes

The Centenary University Greater Expectations (CGE) Learning Outcomes are the educational benchmarks applied to all the courses taught by the University. Their purpose is to insure all students not only demonstrate knowledge in their area of interest, but also acquire the skills that enable them to make that knowledge useful and valuable to the world-at-large.

At Centenary, the student is expected to meet these goals in every course as prescribed by their instructor. Some learning outcomes are more course-specific than others.

The empowered Centenary student excels at:

  1. Communicating in diverse settings and groups, using written, oral, and visual means, and in more than one language.
  2. Understanding and employing both quantitative and qualitative analysis to describe and solve problems.
  3. Interpreting, evaluating, and using information discerningly from a variety of sources.
  4. Integrating knowledge of various types and understanding complex systems.
  5. Working well in teams, including those of diverse composition, and building consensus.
  6. Understanding and employing the integrity, social responsibility, and ethical behavior required for a diverse democratic society.