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The Writing Collaboratory opened its doors in January 2012. Writing tutoring takes on a whole new form here.

All selected consultants are highly trained as a result of taking an intensive 16-week course where they become familiar with the theoretical aspects of Writing Center pedagogy and writing instruction. Our well-trained staff is dedicated to fostering confidence and positive attitudes toward writing through comprehensive, inclusive dialogue. Our philosophy is based on the idea that creating better writers is a collaborative effort. We encourage students to come prepared to have insightful discussions with consultants about ways they can improve as writers, not just for a given assignment. Inclusive dialog invites both parties (tutor and tutee) to engage in a conversation about writing that welcomes and embraces multiple concepts and processes all of which lead to shaping a “mindful” writer.  This is the core belief behind The Collaboratory and the key to the success of our students.

What to Expect

  • When students drop in or schedule an appointment, they can expect a comfortable, collaborative environment.
  • Bring your work in on a USB drive or laptop or as a printed copy to review with your peer tutor.
  • We help students become more effective writers by:
    • Making students aware of various writing strategies
    • Promoting critical thinking
    • Embracing diverse perspectives
    • Helping with any stage of the writing process
  • We help students with any type of writing, such as:
    • Research papers
    • Presentations
    • Cover letters, CVs, and resumes
    • Websites or other multimedia projects
    • Discussion board or blog posts
    • And many more!
  • We help students with writing in all subjects, including:
    • History, English, and other humanities subjects
    • Biology and other sciences
    • Business
    • Psychology, social work, and other social sciences
    • And many more!
  • An open space for any student to study in


We encourage students to take advantage of this resource throughout their entire time on campus because we believe that creating better writers requires an ongoing commitment. All workshops are run by our trained student consultants. To find out what workshops we’ll be offering this semester, check out our social media or click here.

  • Workshops are open to all Centenary students.
  • Workshops are held 6pm-7pm throughout the semester.
  • Varied workshops are run throughout the semester. Past topics have included:
    • Sentence Structure
    • WordPress
    • Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism
    • How to use MLA or APA citation
    • And so much more!