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Change, Motivate, Retain & Capitalize from Within

Centenary’s highly regarded accelerated degree programs set the trend in New Jersey with Employer-Academic partnerships that, for over a decade, have provided employees a convenient way to integrate the benefits of higher education with on-the-job challenges.

A program structured for the lifestyle of a working adult which includes:

  • One night a week evening classes
  • Courses eight weeks in length
  • Classes run year-round
  • Flexible modes of delivery

We continue to build educational partnerships so companies can strengthen their workforce from within.  Competition to meet yearly goals is fierce.  Challenges from the global economy are real.

Here’s how partnering with Centenary can help:

  • Provide educational strategies at a dynamic pace that keep employees engaged, current and connected to your company’s place in the corporate business community
  • Help employees develop and sharpen a broad range of effective communication skills, analytical thinking skills and team work
  • Utilize tuition benefits as a tool to encourage employees’ contribution to your company’s vision and sense of purpose

From start to finish, our students have an academic support team that will assist them from enrollment to graduation with any questions or concerns to help ensure their success in the program.

Additional Information:

Tuition Discount & Locked-in tuition rates
Tuition discounts are provided to our corporate partners and tuition increases will not apply to employees while they remain in the program.

Customized Delivery Options
Courses can be held at your site, online, at one of our convenient locations or blended to include online and on-site delivery.

Customized Courses
Courses can be customized to meet the relevant needs of your company or industry.

Dedicated Program Liaison
To ensure communications between your company and Centenary are streamlined so questions and/or concerns are addressed immediately.

Scheduled Reviews & Updates
Keep you abreast of the group’s progress.

Some of our Corporate Partners:

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