Combining Sociology with a Concentration in Organizational Studies allows you to maintain a valuable business focus.

Sociology is the study of how human societies organize, develop and function. It uses a holistic approach to study the forces that affect individual and group behavior. Few social science courses offer the same range of career options as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.

Organizational management studies uses an interdisciplinary approach to analyze organizational structures and the dynamics of social relationships. This includes the study of methods of control, decision making, and management.

This accelerated social science program promotes critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and a service-oriented approach to leadership.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program highlights:

Earning a degree in social science requires both qualitative and quantitative skills. Our accelerated program will help prepare you for fields as diverse as data-mining, demography, economics, grants development, healthcare management, law enforcement, public policy, and even social network marketing.