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The Leadership Certificate program focuses on theories and strategies around ethical leadership, change, conflict resolution, project management and more.

The Leadership Certificate program teaches you how to manage interpersonal conflicts, lead and influence teams to achieve high-quality results, and how to incorporate ethics into business strategies. All courses can be carried over to our MBA program enabling working professionals to get even closer to achieving their business goals.

Credits earned through the Leadership Certificate program can be applied to your Self-Paced MBA should you continue your education. Ask your enrollment counselor for more information!

Note: This 15-week program is 12 credits and is NOT eligible for Federal Financial Aid. It may be eligible for other types of aid. Ask your enrollment counselor about the discounts you’ll receive in this program!

A Career with a Future

As you progress in your organization, understanding the nuances and requirements of leadership becomes increasingly important. The Leadership Certificate program builds your business confidence.

Are You Ready?

To apply for our Leadership Certificate, we require:

  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • A personal statement.
  • A minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0

Apply now.

The Leadership Certificate Courses

This course explores the catalytic function of leadership in the 21st century. Leadership is viewed as the capacity for individuals and groups to bring about organizational change. Issues are explored from both a theoretical and practical standpoint with an emphasis on the formation of personal leadership styles.
3 Credits

Leading Change & Managing Team Projects
This course provides an overview of change theories and project management practices, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities when enacting organizational change and directing projects. Application of change management tools, research, and methodologies are considered, along with project planning, execution, and constraints. The skills required by change agents and project managers to work with, lead, and influence teams to achieve high-quality results within organizations are also addressed.
3 Credits | Prerequisite GBA-500

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
This course covers negotiation theories, strategies, and styles, addressing situations such as conflict management, mediation, investigation, and arbitration. students will learn how to manage interpersonal conflicts so that it can be beneficial, rather than destructive.
3 Credits | Prerequisite GBA-500

Leadership Strategy, Integrity, & Ethics
This course connects morality, ethics, and values with leadership and influence, providing a framework to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical issues in the workplace. The course also covers how leaders incorporate ethics into business strategies.
3 Credits | Prerequisite GBA-500

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