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Have your heart set on studying Graphic Design? Want to be a Communication Major? Great!

Why not make your resume pop and your skills soar with a Minor in Social Media Marketing?

Program Overview

#Credits: 16
Class Format: Blended or Online or Traditional Onground
Fit: within one academic year, September to May, fits within free electives section — no extra credits or time
Flexibility: Can couple with any Major
Available (but not required):  Competitive Internship Program

Required Courses


This course provides an overview of social media and its application to the business setting. The course will include a hands-on view of current and social media marketing tools and incorporate current topics from this dynamic field. The main focus will be on leveraging social media from a marketing perspective, including listening to customers and building brands on the social web. 4 credits | no pre-requisites


This course will explore how to target and deliver advertising campaigns to the digitally connected customer via both paid and unpaid approaches. Topics covered include Search Engine Optimization, web-based advertising, and mobile ads. Using current tools, this course will include the design, implementation, and analysis of a digital ad campaign.  4 credits | no pre-requisites


This course will provide an examination of the measurements, tracking, and analytic tools being used to determine the effectiveness of social media platforms and websites. It will also involve the analysis of captured digital data and how it can be used to gain customer insight and make business decisions. Skills will be gained in the use of Google Analytics and other current and emerging digital analysis tools. 4 credits | no pre-requisites


This is a capstone course for Social Media Marketing and it will include the examination of existing social media platforms, including a review of digital analytics and current digital ad campaigns and social media policy and best practices to develop strategies to solve digital marketing challenges. Students will function as consultants and work directly with a real-world client. 4 credits | pre-requisites: DIGITAL ADVERTISING, DIGITAL ANALYTICS & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

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