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A Minor in Creative Writing can showcase your ability to think outside the box and provide creative solutions to problems, all using the most precise language possible.

Creative Writing is the practice of writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry and creative forms for publication in print and online.  Creative Writing involves everything from food reviews to poems and short stories, fantasy and fact.  It requires a range of skills and knowledge, including the ability to understand the rules of writing in different forms and formats, and the ability to present information and concepts to an audience using compelling language.

A minor in Creative Writing can showcase strong writing skills to an employer, even if students don’t intend to make creative writing their career.  Overall, a minor in creative writing makes them more effective communicators. Employers value transferable skills such as understanding the precision of language and the ability to edit documents.

Learning how to write more precisely also requires students to think more precisely.  As they work to create the best documents in the best format with the best words, Centenary students practice critical thinking skills as well.

Students with a minor in creative writing at Centenary will leave with skills that are valuable in a range of careers. The ability to think creatively about your writing can also help you think creatively in other areas such as finding alternative solutions to problems and thinking outside the box.  Creative writers also have strong skills in looking at alternative angles. Creative writing’s focus on language can make them better communicators in other areas, too.

Even if students aren’t looking to work in the creative writing field, employers value students who understand the value of compelling prose and the ability to publish work.  Centenary students have the opportunity to work on the campus literary magazine, The Prism, giving them real-world experience in document layout, editing, and publication.  As well, our internship program gives students experience with local and regional publications.


Financial Aid

Being able to pay for attending college is no easy task. Located in the Seay Building, the Office of Financial Aid offers assistance to you and your parents to ensure that you have the financial resources to focus on your education

Prism Magazine

Prism Magazine is a collection of student art, poetry, and prose. 2023 Vol. 57

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