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For those of you beginning your college search, it can be confusing and overwhelming when researching different schools and deciding which would be the right fit for you. From programs to campus life, there are so many factors that go into your decision to attend a college or university. An open house is a great opportunity to learn more about a school and to see if you can picture yourself there. Here are some other benefits of attending a college open house:

Meet students and faculty

One of the main benefits of attending an open house at a university is the opportunity to meet people with whom you would be interacting with on a daily basis. From students to professors, these people can help answer your questions about the school as well as help you decide if you would fit in with its culture. Another tip when meeting with the faculty and students is to ask about specific aspects of the school, such as leadership opportunities, the food, and the athletic teams.

Explore the campus

Many open houses include a guided tour of the campus you are visiting. This is beneficial because it gives you an inside look at the school and allows you to see its facilities firsthand. From classrooms to dorms and everything in between, the environment in which you’ll be attending school is a big deciding factor, so seeing it in person before you make a choice is a must.

Learn about programs

Regardless of whether or not you know what you want to major in, learning about the programs a college or university offers is crucial. You want to make sure you are attending a school that has majors and minors that match your interests and can help point you toward a successful career. If you aren’t yet set on a major, speaking to an admissions counselor at an open house is a great way to help you learn about program options.

Attending an open house is the perfect way to make sure your college decision is an informed one. Being able to speak to real people at the university, in addition to viewing the campus with your own eyes, is extremely beneficial when deciding where to begin your post-high school education. Bringing family members along can also help when it comes to knowing the questions to ask and what to look for during your visit.

Want to attend an open house at Centenary University? View our upcoming “Open House” dates here!

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